Project financing has been a core competency since Scully Capital’s inception. In a project financing, invested funds are supported by cash flows of the facility to be financed. As a financing technique, non-recourse financing is frequently the preferred approach to financing environmental, energy and infrastructure facilities, as it provides a structure that allows for the allocation of risks among a group of project participants. In addition, the proper structuring of the contracts that define these transactions is critical to the evaluation of their creditworthiness, which, in turn, drives financial feasibility.

Scully Capital is recognized nationally for its practice in project finance, particularly for its expertise in analyzing credit structures and crafting innovative financings for transactions which bring together federal credit, regional infrastructure institutions, and special purpose lending organizations. For such engagements, Scully Capital incorporates a unique blend of expertise with federal credit programs, corporate finance, project feasibility analysis, tax-exempt financing, and user rate-based analysis. In many infrastructure projects, a federal loan guarantee or standby credit agreement is the underpinning for private sector financing. Scully Capital is familiar with federal programs as it has assisted federal agencies in developing loan criteria, terms of default and recovery, and transaction-related documents.

Scully Capital provides critical elements of a project financing, including identifying sources of non-recourse construction and term-debt financing, as well as third-party equity capital and credit enhancements (e.g., letters of credit, insurance) at competitive market rates. Once investors have been selected, Scully Capital manages the negotiation process and oversees the orderly development of all documentation required to close the transaction successfully.

The strengths that Scully Capital brings to a project financing are:

  • Up-to-date knowledge of trends in the bank and institutional project financing markets and relationships with the major providers of capital;
  • Relationships with equity capital and subordinate and mezzanine debt providers active in the project markets;
  • Expertise in working with strategic and financial partners as critical sources of project capital; and
  • Strong relationships with the major engineering and construction firms.

Scully Capital provides the following Project Finance services: