Scully Capital has produced numerous reports, presentations, articles and papers for clients, speaking engagements, conferences and publications. Selected materials are available and are listed below. If you would like to obtain a publication that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

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"Demystifying Public-Private Partnerships" presented at the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) Annual Meeting (2002)

"Leveraging Private Sector Expertise to Address Water Resource Challenges" presented at the EnviroExpo (2002)

"A Look at Design-Build & Contract Operations" presented at the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association's (WWEMA) 29th Washington Forum (2002)

"Putting the Deal Together - Structuring the Contract Costs" presented at the DBIA Design-Build Odyssey (2001)

"Financing Environmental Projects" presented at the Forbes Environmental Superconference (2000)

"Financing a Federal privatization - Alternative Structures" presented at Workshop 2000.F2, NCPPP Federal Privatization Workshop Series (2000)

"Overview of Financing Approaches for Water & Watewater Public-Private Partnerships" presented at the Water & Wastewater Privatization Summit (1999)

"Innovative Contracting & Financing for Public Projects" presented at Federal Publications, Inc. Seminar (1999)

"Private Financing Considerations for Federal Projects" presented to United States Department of Energy Privatiziation Working Group (1999)

"EPA's Role in Structuring Public-Private Partnerships for Wastewater Systems" presented at NCPPP Federal Privatization VI Annual Conference (1998)

"Market Attractiveness... Public or Private, Mastering the Art of Affordable On-Time Delivery" presented at Associated Owners and Developers Conference (1998)

"The Public Debt Market & Financing Options" presented at Infocast's Project Finance: The Tutorial (1996)


Public Works Financing: "The Contract Operations Market: Looking to the Future" (2002)

"Impact of Technical Uncertainty on Private Financing of Federal Waste Clean-Up Projects" Contributing Author Brian Oakley (1998)

"Privatization Financing Alternatives: Blending Private Capital and Public Resources for a Successful Project" Lead Author Brian Oakley (1997)

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